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Live in Portugal campaign
Mortgage Solution for CGD Bank

Live in Portugal is the campaign used for non-resident mortgages and other services created by Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), the biggest bank in Portugal.



This campaign goal is to attract UK residents to invest in real estate in Portugal. The demographic target for this campaign were mainly seniors, who would be interested in spending their retirement in a warm and sunny location, and also young couples looking for a good and cozy holiday house with the intention of investing into future real estate themselves.

My Role

  • Art Direction

  • UI / UX

  • Prototyping


Main touch points

  • Offline Marketing

  • Online Marketing

  • Landingpage

  • App

Offline Marketing - Print Publications

Print publications doesn't bring the same SEO benefits as an online link back to the website, but print publications still have a valuable place in offline marketing. Obtaining relevant placements in industry magazine or outdoors it helped increase the campaign visibility close to the seniors target group.


Online Marketing - Banners and Landing page

The online approach consisted in banners and social media posts in websites, pages or blogs for traveling and investment related. This will bring the user to the Landing page and to the conversion funnel journey.


Mortgage Simulation & Real Estate App

With this app the user is able to simulate and get the best mortgage offers and at the same time look for the real estate that better fits his/her choices.


Real estate listings search and detail view

Showing real estate opportunities will get the users inspired and engaged to invest.


Mortgage simulator, offer results and exchange currency page

The users can easily simulate the mortgage that better fits their needs and have access to realtime offers from CGD bank.


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