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Vene Dashboard 
Performance Marketing Platform

VENE is a mobile user acquisition platform for apps, mobile content and lead generation.

A single tool for Advertisers to reach global audiences through proven channels, and Publishers to monetize their inventory with a broad selection of competitive digital campaigns.




Vene is a platform developed and used by Freenet digital to manage their marketing campaigns across different countries and partnerships.

I was responsible for the re-design of the brand and the platform since the management board planned to create a B2B product out of it and therefore they wanted a more appealing look and user friendly dashboard.

My Role

  • Branding

  • UI / UX

  • Prototyping

UX process

I started by doing user research and what were the main goals when using the platform to be able to create an information architecture of the platform, hierarchy between pages and a user flow map.



The wireframe helped me to understand what/where/how could I simplify and improve the dashboard that was already done and being used by freenet marketing managers. With the wireframes in place was easier to brainstorm and communicate with developers about the structure of the dashboard and how to build it.


UI Design


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